The Dadstiny Gaming community has shown amazing creativity when it comes to concocting weapons for Destiny 2. Our randomly chosen weapons frame always spark great custom names and perks for each weapon we post. The entries were so good, I found myself sad some of these guns weren’t in the game!

Then, inspiration struck. Why not create our own Destiny 2 weapons foundries? Completely fictional, of course. We can truly inspire some amazing creations from our community. Each of these three (3) fictitious Destiny 2 weapons foundries specializes in a unique lane of firearms. The weapons they produce won’t be in the game (obviously), but it will serve as a creative outlet for our burgeoning Banshee-44’s.

Dadstiny Foundries

Mereux: Sophisticated Hostility

Can you make the shot? Are you capable, is what we are asking? Our weapons are unmatched but only as effective as your nerves.

Mereux will decimate your opposition and they won’t see it coming. We consider that a blessing. Who wants to stare their demise in the barrel? Our scopes are second to none and Mereux’s patented Lullaby mod will make any arms whisper quiet. Even that Whisper rifle you all love so much.

Mereux: Sophisticated Hostility.


Erasian: Remove the competition.

Ammo is the name of the game, my friends. Without it, you lose. Our arms hold a lot of rounds, so you’ll need lots of clips. We sell those too! Auto Rifles line our warehouse walls. Auto’s you can only dream of. Auto shotguns. Auto Grenade Launchers. We even made an Auto Sword (you have to see this thing!). Pick up an Erasian and your competition will turn to religion real quick. I’m talking holey.

Erasian: Remove the competition.


Baltun. Nothing’s heavier.

Baltun Builds Inc. specializes in weapons that hit and hit hard. Have you ever seen a Hand Cannon fire .50 caliber BMG rounds? Neither did we, until we built one. The kick broke our testers wrist. We build for the last Guardian standing. When it’s time to raze the competition. Our arms are heavy, hard-hitting, and humbling.

Baltun. Nothing’s heavier.


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