What began as a viral movement in 2021 is now a tradition for Dadstiny. #SeptemberGold is in support of helping fund and eventually eliminate Childhood Cancer. Our efforts are to bring awareness, show support and provide charitable donations to reputable nonprofits helping families afflicted by the disease. We are parents supporting parents and the wonderful little lights. Join us in supporting the #SeptemberGold movement.

Ways to support!

Rock a gold shader!

Slap a golden shader on that immortal space wizard and show your support of #SeptemberGold. We have a list of gold shaders you can wear right now!

Buy a charity shirt!

Show your love of parenthood and Destiny 2 with this Dadstiny custom design. All proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Donate to Saint Jude’s

If you would like to donate directly, head over to the St. Jude website and support their efforts.

List of Shaders for #SeptemberGold

via: https://dotesports.com/destiny/news/best-gold-shaders-for-destiny-2

  • Goldleaf (Season of Opulence)
  • Golden Empire (Season of Opulence)
  • Testudo (Season of the Chosen)
  • Calus’s Treasured (Red War)
  • Calus’s Shadow (Warmind)
  • Peat Bog Boogie (Season of the Chosen)
  • Oiled Algae (Season of Arrivals)
  • Grand Luster (Season of the Splicer)
  • Precursor Vex Chrome (Curse of Osiris)
  • Calus’s Selected (Red War)