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The Blue Weapon Drops in Destiny 2 are the player’s main way of boosting light levels in the early part of each season or expansion. They provide Guardians with a constant stream on moderately higher level gear so you are always progressing towards the light cap. Once you start scoring those sweet purple Legendary drops, the Blue weapons become your source for Gunsmith materials once you dismantle them.

The problem is at a certain point it just becomes a cumbersome effort to dismantle every piece of blue gear you acquire, and there is no reason to ever use them once the legendary gear starts pouring in. I have a solution that could potentially make blue drops viable while also utilizing a mechanic within Destiny 2 already so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

Blue Gear overhaul with Dadstiny: The Solstice effect

Destiny 2 Blue Gear needs questlines attached to them. Like the Solstice armor.

Every year, the Solstice of Heroes in-game event introduces a new set of armor that is able to be leveled up. As you complete tasks attached to each piece of armor, the gear levels up from a useless gray piece of crap, to a blue, to a Legendary armor piece. I ask you, why can’t every blue do this?

If Bungie creates a procedurally generated set of quests for different armor and weapon pieces and allows players to potentially grind to level up a random gray, green or blue drop to a custom legendary, that would expand the game exponentially. Depending on the quest log that rolls with the drop, you could get a different set of perks and a random Legendary frame when you level the gear. Quiet times in each season could be filled with leveling low-tier weapons and armor to random Legendary rolls.

I am no expert

Destiny 2 Blue Gear: An Auto Rifle that could use some love. And Gun Oil.

I know that undertaking such a task would be monumental. So many new frames and quests would have to be coded and implemented. The plight of a developer is real folks. I’ve seen it. But, the pieces are there. Expanding the Solstice mechanic and applying it to the lower weapons and armor tiers could make for an interesting activity.

Couple that with the Collections tab and allow players to save those custom-curated rolls they just spent all that time grinding and you have yourself a happy set of guardians.


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